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Written by
Erdal Ozkaya
Published by
Packt Publishing
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Mar, 2018

About Learn Social Engineering

Learn Social Engineering: Use different social engineering tools to perform information gathering, prevention and mitigation of threats
Your one stop guide to learn and implement Social Engineering Effectively.

Key Features

  • Learn to implement information security using social engineering

  • Get hands-on experience of using different tools like Kali Linux, Social Engineering toolkit and so on

  • Practical approach towards learning social engineering, for IT security

Book Description

The literature in the book can begin with understanding the concept and the whole idea behind "SOCIAL ENGINEERING" as to what it entirely compasses about and what the objective behind understanding the same is to ward off popular social engineering attacks such as Baiting, Phishing, Pretexting, Spear Phishing, Scareware and so on. Hence it becomes extremely important that we are vary of these attacks and know how to penetrate and test it.
This book will initially start with the concept of Social Engineering, different types of Social Engineering attacks, and the damages caused by Social Engineering attacks. Then we will set up the lab environment to use different toolkits and then perform social engineering steps such as information gathering, generating evil files and so on. We will also explore different tools used for doing social engineering such as Social Engineering toolkit. Towards the end of this book, we will learn how to design a threat model prominent in securing our information from Social Engineering threat attacks.
By the end of the book, you will be in a position to protect your system from social engineering threats and attacks.

What you will learn

  • Learn to implement information security using social engineering

  • Learn social engineering, for IT security

  • Understand the role of social media in social engineering

  • Get acquainted with Practical Human hacking skills

  • Learn to think like a social engineer

  • Learn to beat a social engineer

Who This Book Is For

This book is aimed security professionals, security analyst, penetration testers, or any stakeholder working with information security and wants to learn how to use social engineering techniques. Prior knowledge of Kali Linux is an added advantage

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to Social Engineering
Chapter 2. The Psychology of Social Engineering – Mind Tricks Used
Chapter 3. Influence and Persuasion
Chapter 4. Information Gathering
Chapter 5. Targeting and Recon
Chapter 6. Elicitation
Chapter 7. Pretexting
Chapter 8. Social Engineering Tools
Chapter 9. Prevention and Mitigation
Chapter 10. Case Studies of Social Engineering
Chapter 11. Ask the Experts – Part 1
Chapter 12. Ask the Experts – Part 2
Chapter 13. Ask the Experts – Part 3
Chapter 14. Ask the Experts – Part 4

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