Introductory Statistics Using SPSS, 2nd Edition

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Written by
Herschel Knapp
Published by
SAGE Publications
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Nov, 2016

About Introductory Statistics Using SPSS, 2nd Edition

The updated Second Edition of Herschel Knapp’s friendly and practical introduction to statistics shows students how to properly select, process, and interpret statistics without heavy emphasis on theory, formula derivations, or abstract mathematical concepts. Each chapter is structured to answer questions that students most want answered: What statistical test should I use for this situation? How do I set up the data? How do I run the test? How do I interpret and document the results? Online tutorial videos, examples, screenshots, and intuitive illustrations help students "get the story" from their data as they learn by doing, completing practice exercises at the end of each chapter using prepared downloadable data sets.

Table of Contents

Part I Statistical Principles
Chapter 1 Research Principles
Chapter 2 Sampling
Chapter 3 Working in SPSS
Part II Statistical Processes
Chapter 4 Descriptive Statistics
Chapter 5 t Test and Mann-Whitney U Test
Chapter 6 ANOVA and Kruskal-Wallis Test
Chapter 7 Paired t Test and Wilcoxon Test
Chapter 8 Correlation and Regression—Pearson and Spearman
Chapter 9 Chi-Square
Part III Data Handling
Chapter 10 Supplemental SPSS Operations

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